A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (82)

Nothing but chisel work huddled next to a heater for the past couple of days, getting the trenches cut for the shachi-sen. At last, today, they are all done, along with the pins themselves:

The pins are not driven in yet of course.

Another view:

Afterwards, while routing the dado for the shelf panel in a rail, I unexpectedly had a chunk of bubinga blow out:

It’s not a visible area unless one takes the shelf out and flips it upside down for inspection, however I patched the area anyway (forgot to take pictures too). All the rest of the dadoes were done by climb-cutting, so there were no further problems.

Just for a look see, I slipped a frame assembly into a cabinet:

With the shachi-sen untrimmed, of course it cannot slip all the way back into position, and a notch is required on one side to clear the backing strip at the carcase side. Soon enough.

These shelves will have a more interesting front edge to view, once the pins are trimmed flush, than the previous slab shelves:

Panels have also be trimmed to size, rebated for a tongue all around, and are entering the phase of the second coat of finish:

All for this round. I should be done the shelves in the next day or two and can at last turn to finishing up the final construction phase, namely the bifold doors.
from Tumblr http://davidpires578.tumblr.com/post/156099069704


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