My Journey As A Creative Designer – Woodworking and Beyond #1740: A Little Break

In preparing to move in a few weeks, you can imagine that things are a bit different in my life these days. Even though the ‘big day’ is a couple of weeks away, my general routine is rather ‘off’ and my mind has been in many different directions. For the first time in years, I feel as if I am not producing designs like I should.

This isn’t a matter of “Designer’s Block” or anything of that nature. I have more ideas than I have time to create. It is more like “Designer’s Distraction” which means my mind is continually being pulled in other directions and it is difficult to focus on the task at hand. It is very out of character for me, but I am sure it is part of the process and I am certain that it is only temporary and that I will be back to my ‘normal’, productive self soon. 

Until then I feel that it is perhaps better to lower my blogging goals quite a bit. I am so used to posting every day, as I love the support and motivation that each of you provide me, as well as the feedback on my projects. But I am finding that I am having a great deal of interesting and positive things to discuss each day, as much of the preparation for moving involves mundane tasks that we all do every day. Nothing exciting here. 

So I think that I will post on a ‘as needed’ basis for now. I think that it is better to provide fewer posts and keep the content of them relevant as opposed to just typing to fill space every day. I hope you agree.

I can assure you when I am back to being settled in and creating full time again, I will be posting every day. I am happy that we are getting our move in at the beginning of the summer, as I have many wonderful and fun ideas for autumn and holiday projects that I will be able to develop as soon as I begin to settle. I hope you join me for that adventure.

For today’s post, I wanted to show a new design that Keith created over the weekend that you may like.  

His SLDK677 Love Gives Us a Fairytale plaque is great for a wedding gift, anniversary, or any time you want to tell your loved one how you feel. I think it is beautiful and one of his best to date. You can purchase the pattern on the site by following the link. 

Thank you all for indulging my time off. As always, we will be open for business and available to answer your questions and fill orders. We hope that there will only be a small ‘hiccup’ on the day we transfer our computers to our new home and that will be very short-lived. I will certainly announce that day here prior to it happening. 

I miss writing every day and hearing from you all, but I know that it is necessary in order for us to grow and improve. I hope that you all understand and keep in touch via our site and the WordPress site. You can subscribe to my blog there and sign up to receive notifications when I do post. It is working out rather well over there. 

Thanks for your support. I hope to keep you posted and be back to every day blogging soon. 

Happy Monday to you all!  

from Tumblr


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