A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (57)

This is turning into a fairly long build thread it seems. This post has sat on blogger for a couple of weeks – I forgot to post it! Whoops!

Recent work on the shedua drawer fronts. After trimming them to about .06" over finished height, the parts were cross cut close to the target. Then, to deal with reducing thickness, the mill was the only option given the propensity of curly shedua to tear out by most other approaches:

An even amount was decked off of both faces, and in the process the board was made dead flat:

I’ve heard that super surfacers don’t work on hard woods:

Make love not war – – make chips not dust:

The eighteen drawer fronts are now processed close to final dimensions in thickness, width, and length:

A feast of VG material:

these will be set aside and I’ll start work on some latticed doors next.

Thanks for visiting the Carpentry Way – comments always welcome.
from Tumblr http://davidpires578.tumblr.com/post/145027359429


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