My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1722: Thinking Outside the Box

I hope you had a good weekend. Here in Nova Scotia, we are finally seeing some lasting signs of spring. While it is still cool out, it has been pleasant and sunny, and I dare say that the snow is behind us and I don’t expect we will see any additional snow until late autumn. (You all know what an optamist I am though!) 

I had a full weekend myself. It felt good to focus and accomplish as much as I did. I a large order, as well as some smaller ones that I have been working on and over Friday and Saturday I got just about everything cut (for the moment!) When I look at the pile in front of me, I am pretty pleased with it. It looks good sitting there altogether.

The things in the front are sanded, but the piles of ornaments in the background (18 dozen of them) still need some sanding done on them. I plan on doing that today, as well as boxing them up and shipping them out  perhaps tomorrow. It will be great to check that one off of the books. 🙂 

On Sunday, I actually had some time to do some things for myself. I did a quick cleaning of the house (which I do in between scrolling sessions anyway – so that wasn’t hard) and I made a really scrumptious pork roast dinner and had Keith’s mom come to visit. She is having knee surgery later this week (I won’t be here for a few days) and it was nice to sit and spend the afternoon and evening with her. The kitties wanted to wish her well, too. It was a good, relaxing day. 

While we visited, I managed to finish up my project using my SLDPK134 Snowflake Beveled Plaque Surface and Lynne Andrew’s design from her 12 Days of Christmas book – Christmas Blessings

The “Day 5” Snowman from the 12 Days series was my favorite, and the moment I saw him, I know I wanted to paint him as a stand-alone project. I had started it last Thursday night and had shown the photo in a previous post:

I absolutely love the colors that Lynne used for this piece. I am so happy with how it turned out:

But instead of the “Five Golden Rings” for the snowman to hold, I had another idea …

I decided to use five metal charms that I had that would look wonderful! I suppose I could have painted them on, too, but I was a bit lazy and I like the additional dimension it added to the piece. Even “Inspector Pancakes” seemed to like them! (he kept trying to eat the charms!) 😉 

He really looks rather nice, and with the snowflakes, I can keep him out all winter long! 🙂 

So now it is on to going back to my ‘12 days’ ornaments.  But I have a couple of weeks to complete day 5 so I can ship them out and keep on schedule. 

I hope this post inspires you to “think outside the box” when it comes to your crafting. Each pattern holds so much possibility!  Most designers that I know LOVE to see when people use their design in different ways. It is something that we feel good about and since most of us are teachers, it makes us feel good about what we do. I have seen people use my patterns in ways I would have never imagined and it is thrilling for me to see. 

It is a new week ahead and it already looks like it will be a busy one. I wish you all a wonderful and creative day today. May you find joy in all you do! 

Happy Monday!

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