My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1721: Working for the Weekend

A usual, my life has been quite busy. I suppose that is the result of having so many creative interests. I often am asked how I come up with my ideas and if I ever get ‘dry’ where I feel that I am against the wall. In all honesty, I do have my lulls in certain areas of my design work, but since I have so many avenues that I actively pursue, there is rarely, if ever a time when I feel that I have ‘nothing to do’ creatively. If I am feeling especially uncreative – which rarely occurs – I hop on Pinterest or jump into an online class to advance my learning techniques. That usually gets me moving agian. They don’t even have to be full courses that I pay for. YouTube is loaded with lots and lots of free tutorials and classes in a variety of techniques from painting to watercolor to embroidery and woodworking. If I really want to do something, it is all right there in front of me. I don’t think I could ever be ‘bored’. 

With that said, I have a really busy weekend ahead of me. There are several directions that I can go in and every one of them will be fun. 🙂

Last week I had a large order for my SLDPK129 Elegant Bevel Cut Ornaments again. The sales on these have been wonderfully steady since I introduced them at the beginning of the year. These are the ornaments that I use for painting Lynne Andrews’ 12 Days of Christmas project (from her book Christmas Blessings) and I understand that an ENTIRE CHAPTER of painters from the Society of Decorative Painters is going to be painting the project! I am thrilled about this and so happy that so many are enjoying this lovely project. I have started on my “Day 5” ornaments, as well as a little side project using Lynne’s design, which I will show in a minute. I plan to get the bulk of this order cut in the next few days to ship out early next week. It is a lot of cutting, but I already am lining up my music that I will listen to while in my “happy place” at the saw. It will be a lot of fun. 

Speaking of scroll sawing … 

I bet my woodworking followers thought that I have been forgetting about them?  Absolutely NOT! I have been working on a series of patterns that I believe they are really going to like. Since so many people ask us for custom designs, I had the brainstorm idea that perhaps I would offer a line of patterns that would allow them to “Mix and Match” elements to make their own unique designs.  Intriguer? I hope so! 

While it may take a little while to get enough to ‘launch’ this series, rest assured that I am hard at work on making my idea a reality. As with any new idea though, I want to think things through and I am figuring out the best way to market and package these designs so that they make the most sense and that you, my customers, will have the most versatility with them. I already decided that I will be selling them under the name of Sheila Landry Design Elements (SLDE) and each pattern will have several usable options that you can mix and match. Below is an example of some of the designs that I have been drawing for them:

This is only part of the one pattern of “Robins” that will be in the series. Stay tuned to my blog here for more information on these fun designs. I don’t think you will be disappointed. 

Another great thing happened yesterday… 

I received my stencils from Sandy Warner McTier of  Sandy McTier Designs

These amazing designs are the result of a collaboration of two of my favorite designers – Sandy McTier and Tracy Moreau. I have loved both Sandy’sk and Tracy’s work for so long and I am thrilled that these two ladies partnered up to create these beautiful stencils!  The stencils are each 6" x 6" in diameter, making them perfect sized for cards, plaques and backgrounds. I have immediate plans for using some of these for some of the designs I am currently working on. I will be showing more of them very soon. You can buy each of the stencils individually or purchase the entire set of 12 new stencils here.  (I couldn’t resist getting them ALL!) I think my woodworking followers will love them as well! 

With all that to do, you would think my weekend would be full.

Well … not really … 

I mentioned that I was working on my “Day 5” ornaments from the 12 Days series. When I saw the Day 5 snowman, I just fell in love with him! I think he is my favorite of all the 12 days characters. So what I decided to do was “super size” him on my SLDPK134 Snowflake Beveled Plaque/Tray surface:

The plaque is about 8" in diameter and will show this chilly fella off so nicely!  I only got him half done last night, but I will hopefully finish him over the weekend:

The cool thing about Lynne’s designs is that they are so detailed that they look just beautiful even super-sized! I may make several of these plaques using some of the other 12-Days ornament patterns as well!

So as you see, my weekend will be full of fun and creativity. Keith always says that my “time off looks a lot like my work time.” I think he is right, but since I just LOVE what I do, it never feels like I am working! No wonder I am happy most of the time! 🙂 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead. Here in Nova Scotia it is still cool, but bright and sunny out. It is a beautiful day and the weekend  promises more of the same weather. I can’t help but be happy. 

Happy Friday to you all! I hope you all find your inspiration and joy in whatever you do! 

I’ll see you on Monday …

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