My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1699: New Things!

Today is going to be one of those posts where everything comes together at once. I guess that is typical when I do projects such as what I just completed. It seemed like I was here, there and everywhere and then suddenly – “BAM” (that’s for you, Mary! 😉 )  everything falls together nicely! 

Well- sort of, anyway! (If it were only that easy!) 

We managed to get everything completed and up on the site yesterday. I was proud because I even had my pattern packet finished BEFORE the update. Lately I have been lagging a bit behind and did the update first and then finished the pattern. It helped get things out there quickly but I didn’t like the pressure it put on me. But I was able to keep up with things this time and although it took most of the day, we got things posted, the patterns completed and the newsletter out to our customers. All in all I think it was a good day. 

I’ll continue today by doing a little ‘show and tell’ of our new stuff for those of you who don’t subscribe to see what things we have. I find that some people prefer to check out our new things this way (through my blog here) and that is fine. I don’t want anyone getting mailings from us who don’t want them. I try to respect everyone’s wishes on that. 

First of all, Keith has two new large Biblical plaques that he created. I think they both came out beautiful and I can attest to the many hours of work that he put into them. I realize that some people think he just types out fonts and makes them into a pattern for his word art plaques, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Each letter is shaped and re-shaped so that it not only flows into the design correctly, but it is able to be cut on the scroll saw safely without pieces falling out. Nothing could be worse for a scroll sawyer than to invest time in an ‘impossible’ project! There are many, many poorly designed patterns on the market or offered for free that just don’t make sense. These past two weeks I watched Keith painstakingly pick at these plaques. I believe he must have about 20 versions of each on his computer, fine tuning each version along the way. I know many of you appreciate this work that he does and we thank you for that. I think it really makes a difference in the final project and I hope you all agree.

The first plaque is a phrase from Jeremiah 29:11:

It is product SLDK407 on our site.

The second one is from Joshuea 1:9:

That pattern is SLDK408 on our site. I think both of them are beautiful additions to the series. 

As for myself, I created the pattern for all of the bunny accessories that I showed this past week or so. I decided to put them all into one pattern (SLD523) to make all the pieces, since there are similar in shape. 

My instructions also include full painting instructions along with the cutting and assembly instructions. 

For my painting followers who don’t cut wood, I am offering the wood kits for all the pieces. 

The 10.5" wide platter (SLDPK136) can be ordered WITH the holes for holding eggs:

or WITHOUT the holes to paint your own design or  paint it like my sample:

I also am offering the 5" wide Candle Holder (SLDPK137):

As well as a set of six Napkin Holders (SLDPK138)

As a bonus, I am giving the $8.95 pattern away for free if anyone orders any three of the surfaces. I thought it would be nice to do. 

We also have new pattern specials on our Pattern Specials page. These are all Easter and spring themed projects. I hope there is something for everyone to enjoy! 

As for me, I am taking the weekend ‘off’’.  (Not really – many of you know me better!)  I am off to visit today and I will be working on my 12 Days of Christmas ornaments as well as a new embroidery project that I started last week. This is another “Sampler” panel by Di van Niekerk. It is from her book “Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork” and has lots of new techniques. I really have MISSED having some needlework on the go and I like following along someone else’s directions. It is a great way for me to unwind and relax after a busy day and I can pick it up for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours.  I still plan to create my own original designs and kits to sell in the future, but this year has started off so busy that I just have to wait a little longer. But it will come.  In the mean time, here is a sneak peek at the first panel: 

I am nearly done with it, except my spider web needs a ‘resident’. Di used a silver earring spider for her piece, but I think I will embroider my own. It think it will be fun. 

I decided to name my piece “Every Flower is a Soul” after the quote by Gerard de Nerval – “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” We are all blossoming each and every day of our lives as we live an learn. I think it is appropriate.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Today the sun is shining beautifully and it promises to be a wonderful day ahead. It appears that spring has come early to our area, and I don’t think I will argue with that.  

I wish you all the best for your weekend ahead! Have fun and do something to feed your soul! 

Happy Friday! 

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