My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1698: BUNNIES!!!!

I took the day off  from ‘social media’ yesterday for the most part because I was on a roll. I was in the process of finishing up sanding and packaging several wood orders that I wanted to get to the post by the time the truck came for pickup in the afternoon. (Check!)  I was also doing some drawing for a wonderful fellow designer and I wanted to get some things to her so she could get on with her own designing. She is creating some rubber stamps of her drawings and I am helping her out with the graphics. (Check!) I also wanted to finish up my latest project, which I showed you all some hints of  in the past few entries. (Check!) It was a full day to be sure. I just felt that it would be much easier if I were truly focused on the tasks at hand – and I was. 

By around 9pm, everything that I wanted to do (for the most part) was done. I had a simple dinner and got out my embroidery supplies to  settle down before heading to bed. I made some peppermint tea, set up a good show on the TV and settled in to do some relaxing work. I did clear out most of the day’s mail at that time that I hadn’t go to until later. I was all set. 

My moment of “Zen” lasted about 15 to 20 minutes though. We had a very stormy day yesterday with very strong winds. As things got quiet here, I could hear the wind howling outside, along with the rain. Keith was at his mom’s for the evening working on some stuff in her basement. The cats were aware of it as well, as every time there was a huge gust, they awoke from their respective slumbers and kind of looked around. Finally, things just went black. Once again the power went out. 

In the seven years I have lived here, we have only lost power probably five times. Three of those times have been within the last week. While the winter here has been pretty mild by Canada standards, we have certainly had our brutal days. It seemed inevitable that we would lose it yesterday. At least I was prepared. 

I lit my lamp and sipped my still hot tea and read for a while. Keith came in completely soaked not too long after. We made sure everything was safe, retrieved our recycle bin from the neighbor’s lawn, and called it a night. Within an hour or so everything came back on and the rest of the night was uneventful. 

This morning the storm has certainly passed. It is grey out and quiet and looks dull, as all of our snow has melted. It is certainly not one of the ‘pretty’ times of year. But it is part of living in an area with four seasons and we need to take it as it comes. This season will also pass. 

I (once again) have lots of emails to catch up on when I am done here. If you messaged me or emailed me, I ask you to be patient. While stepping away from social media for a day has its positive side, it also has its cost. I will do my best to catch up this morning. 

Now for the new designs … 

I am very happy at how they came out. Last night before I settled down I took a composite photo of everything in the pattern set all completed. I think it makes a wonderful presentation:

I decided to sell the pattern as an ‘all inclusive’ set rather than split everything up. I just think that is the best way to do things. It will consist of a plate holder for cookies or even a cake, a pillar candle holder, some napkin rings, and an egg display plate. All painting instructions will be included in the pattern as well. You have choices as to whether you want to paint your bunnies as silhouettes, using soft pastel colors, or a bit more realistically. You can do whatever you like. 

And for my painting followers, I am going to be offering ALL these pieces as pre-cut kits so you can also have fun with them.  The large plate can be painted as I did it, or even used for your own spring design. Not only are these adorable bunnies good for Easter, but spring and summer as well. I hope you like them.

Today I will be writing out the pattern packet and it appears that we will be updating the site by tomorrow. Everything should be posted by then and I will have links to the pattern and the wood pieces as soon as they are available. Today I will also be working on one more type of egg tutorial for you all to decorate some eggs. I had an idea and I think it will be fun. 

Thank you to those who were concerned about my absence. I appreciate the notes a great deal. Sometimes I just have to jump off the grid a bit in order to get some things done. yesterday was just one of those days. 

It is mid-week already and soon the weekend will be upon us. Time is marching much quicker than I like, as usual. But soon spring and summer will be here and I think that will make people much happier. Me – I don’t mind any season. I just take it as it comes and try to enjoy each day. 

Happy Wednesday to you all! 

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