My Journey As A Scroll Saw Pattern Designer #1692: Friday Came Quickly This Week!

With another week coming to a close, it is (once again!) amazing how quickly time seems to pass. Again this week was extremely busy, and my status of being ‘caught up’ was very short-lived. Being on top of all my orders lasted about six hours, and soon I had more orders to fill. I was thrilled with this, as it is what I have been working towards for many, many years. It is just sometimes hard to keep up.

I have always had the mindset of getting things out as quickly as I possibly can. As one who is a ‘customer’ many times, I know the feeling of waiting for something I ordered and while the anticipation can be part of the ‘fun’, it is thrilling when I have new supplies waiting for me at the post office. 

With that in mind, I try my best to fill orders quickly. Often I cut ‘extras’ when something is ordered – especially when it is something that I anticipate will be sold quickly. In checking my numbers, I have sold over 110 dozen of my SLDPK129 Elegant Bevel Cut 2-piece ornaments since the new year. Unlike my 1/8" ornaments, these cannot be stack cut. Each one has an angle-cut center as well and I rout them and sand them smooth. In anyone’s book, that is a lot of cutting. 

I have done some design work in between cutting, like my Three Victorian Cone project lesson and video that is now available at Toletown

I encourage both my painting and woodworker followers to go over there and check things out. It is a wonderful online community that is great for ALL levels of painting – especially newbies. You never know what techniques you may pick up that you can apply to your other crafts. Even if you are not a ‘painter’ per se, I think you would enjoy it. 

Yesterday I spent the day cutting another large batch of ornaments and two of the large clock pieces that I used for this beautiful Lynne Andrews design called “Christmas Time”:

I enlarged the wood piece to 16" in diameter and I absolutely love it. Like the smaller ornaments, it is in separate pieces with each section cut on a bevel to give the piece some interest and depth:

I really think it made an impressive difference.  (You can get the wood kit from me here: SLDPK128 Large Timepiece Wood Kit)

I am already planning my next design on this surface. It is going to be really cool, I think! 😉 

I have so many wonderful ideas to play with! I can’t wait to get to them! 

For this weekend, I have another cool idea for Easter that I think people will like. I actually caught up (again) with my orders and I cut a couple of extra ornaament sets on top of what was ordered so I can spend the weekend designing. It was a long day yesterday, but a good one, as I spent the afternoon and evening working at the saw. I think about a lot when I am cutting. Usually that is my best time to think through the next ideas that I have. I have my headphones playing my favorite music and I am in another world. What a great ‘job’ I have. 

I decided to pack up the orders last night as well and they are sitting near the door waiting to be brought to the post office today. I had my “helper” Pancakes who stayed with me the entire night:

Isn’t he handsome?  I think he had his ‘travelling shoes’ on! 😉 

Most of the time, I wait to pack them up until morning, but it seems that takes a good part of time lately and I feel much better having it done before I go to bed. It makes for late nights, but it is worth it to wake up without having to do it before I run out the door. I am surprised at the difference it makes. It also felt good to actually package everything up, knowing that those who receive them are getting something that was made with care and pride. Sometimes my customers are worried about things taking longer to receive from me here in Canada, but I do believe once they get the items, they feel the time was worth it. I try to make it known how much I appreciate them coming to me, and I hope it shows in my work. It makes my job so nice to know who is receiving the things I create. 

So off we are to begin another weekend. It has been so rainy and ‘blah’ outside lately. What an odd winter we are having. The bit of snow we received last week is all replaced with mud and rain. I hope that this means that the summer will be coming sooner than last year. It seemed that we never really got many good, hot days. Once again, I hope to get away to the beach for a time and bring some form of artwork. I always plan and sometimes it is hard to follow through with things. I am more determined than ever though and I hope I can really make it happen. 

I wish you all a great weekend. Hopefully I will have some more fun things to show you next week. I am excited about today and being able to work on them. It is going to be fun. 

Have a safe and fun time and remember to relax and enjoy your life. 

Happy Friday to you all!

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